Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Business Portraits - What Should I Wear for my Business Portrait?

As a photographer that specializes in business portraits, we get this question very often here at the studio; "What should I wear for my portrait?"  I always respond by thanking them for their question as what you wear is so very important for what you would like to reflect in your portrait.

My response is always, wear what best reflects your personality and how you envision yourself in your industry.  If it’s formal and conservative, wear elegant suits, silk blouses or dress shirts for men.  Dress as if you are going to an important business meeting.  

If you and your industry is more relaxed and informal, wear a pair of nice dark jeans, pretty blouse and blazer.  Dress as if you are taking a client out to lunch on casual Friday.

Now, there are items of clothing that are complementary to the body and complexion, then there are types of clothing that work against us.  My recommendation is to wear dark solids.  Dark solids always help with making the body appear slimmer. 

Stay away from stripes, patterns, plaids, prints, logos or lettering.  These patterns tend to distract the viewer whereas solid colors tend to isolate faces and keep you as the focus of the portrait.  Primary red and primary blue tend to cast funny colors onto face so I would suggest to stay away from these colors as well.  Both these colors as well as fluorescent also tend to be dominant forces in portraits.  We don't want anything competing with you!

One does not always have to be overly concerned with wearing matching tops and bottoms.  Coordinating colors and finding colors that complement each other is very important. 

Instead of matching, try to pick two simple colors that coordinate well with each other. When in doubt, dark solids are always the way to go!

At FotoNuova, we suggest that our clients bring along 3 to 4 outfits and we will help them select the best one for their warm and friendly business portrait!

FotoNuova specializes in business portraits as well as corporate headshots in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. Business Portraits | FotoNuova

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