Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother & Daughter Portrait

Sometimes we are hard pressed with finding a unique and perfect Mother's Day gift for the mommies in our lives.  Did I ever tell you about the one year I was so uninspired that I purchased an atrocious, plastic, fuchsia colored wall clock for my mom?  To give this story more ridiculous poignancy, this was in my adult years too.  This was in the 90's which explains the plastic fuchsia.  

Needless to say, I got a very uninspired and disappointed "thank you" in return from my mom, complete with a forced smile and all.  

This year, if you are on the search for something truly unique, please consider our;

Limited Edition Mother & Daughter Portrait

This month we honor the very special bond between a mother and her daughter.  It's been our wish for quite some time to create something unique that expresses love and beauty.  We believe that this special, limited edition mother & daughter portrait says both and we hope you do as well.  This is dedicated to all of you mother's out there that have a very special bond and relationship with your daughter.

Our limited edition mother & daughter portrait will be offered for a limited time.  Please call the studio to reserve your mother & daughter portrait:  626-588-2445.


For your limited edition mother & daughter portrait creation with a remastered wall gift print.  Regularly $569.  Limited availability.  Expires April 30, 2013.

Call 626-588-2445 to reserve your limited edition mother & daughter portrait!

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