Friday, March 29, 2013

The Phenomenon of Motherhood

Do you ever stop and think about the phenomenon of motherhood? I mean if you really stop and think about the relationship and bond between mother and child, it can be mind blowing. Even in nature, the way a mama whale swims closely to her baby, the way a cow provides milk to her calf and when a bird feeds her young in her nest. Where does the love stem from? What part of a mother's being is now a part of her child?

These are the questions that will hopefully one day be answered...

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Night to Remember

I have a beautiful and heart warming story to recount for you, complete with a video that will give you chills.

Recently a client of mine who happens to be a very proud mother, inquired if I knew of a videographer. Her teenage daughter Emily, was scheduled to perform in a musical recital and my client wanted her performance captured for friends and family who could not be there that evening.

I knew just the right person. Walter Pawluk and I have been professionally acquainted for quite some years through the wedding industry. We shared office space back in the day and through my interaction with him, I knew that he was reliable and created a high quality of work.

I enthusiastically provided my client with Walter's information. A day or so after the recital, my client sent me the following message:


Walter did a wonderful job videotaping Emily's performance. Thank you for the wonderful referral. I'm such a proud mom!!! Here's the link if you would like to see it -- it was a magical night for us (Walter had it posted on YouTube that same night)..."

Each time I view this video I place myself in my clients shoes as a parent. I think of the natural talents of Emily and it makes me think of my daughter's natural talents and I become touched. And although my daughter's talents are not so much in song, I look forward to a similar night where she may share her talent with a part of the world.

I also think of how valuable of a service that Walter provides. He documents priceless memories. In this case he documented a very special night for my client. Now she can share this night with family and friends who live afar. Best yet, she can go back and relive this moment time and time again forever.

Huge thanks to Walter for capturing this beautiful memory!

Friday, March 01, 2013

What Should We Wear for Our Family Portrait?

Here is What You Should Wear

We get this question very often here at the studio; "What should I wear for my portrait?"  I always respond by thanking them for their question as what you wear is so very important for what you would like to reflect in your portrait.

My response is always, wear what best reflects your family’s personality.  If it’s formal and conservative, wear elegant dresses and suits for Dad.  Dress as if you are taking the family to an elegant restaurant.  If you're more relaxed and informal, wear a pair of nice jeans, sweaters and colorful scarves.  Dress as if you are taking the family out to a nice family restaurant.

Now, there are items of clothing that are complementary to the body and complexion.  Then there are types of clothing that work against us.  My recommendation is to wear dark solids.  Dark solids always help with slimming. 

Stay away from stripes, patterns, plaids, prints, logos or lettering.  These tend to distract the viewer whereas solid colors tend to isolate faces and keep the family as the focus of the portrait.  Primary red and primary blue tend to place their shade onto face so I would suggest to stay away from these colors as well.  Both these colors as well as flourescents also tend to be dominant forces in portraits I find.

When making a determination on how to coordinate colors with the family, one does not always have to be overly concerned with wearing matching tops and bottoms.  Coordinating colors and finding colors that complement each other is very important. 

Instead of matching, try to pick two simple colors that coordinate well with each other.  Once you have picked your two colors, tell each family member to select wear clothing featuring either both colors or one.  For instance, if your colors are white and navy, dad can wear a navy suit with a white dress shirt, mom can wear an all white dress, sister can wear a navy blouse with white pants and brother can wear a white sweater and white bottom with a navy scarf.  Both white and navy are featured in this family portrait without being matchy or clashing.

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