Friday, January 18, 2013

Stand Apart from the Competition

I wanted to share something really unique and special. In a time of a down economy and when the job market is so competitive, it's so very important for job seekers to stand out and gain any advantage they can in being memorable to hiring managers. Hundreds of applicants are likely to be applying for the same jobs. It would be a great idea to stand out from the pack.

Just look at how unique this resume is!:

This job seeker took his FotoNuova business portrait and placed it on a very original looking resume design. If I was a hiring manager, this resume would stop me right in my tracks and force me to take a good look at his qualifications. Furthermore, by looking at his portrait it would help me get a feel for who this person was before I met him. Isn't this already a leg up on this candidate's competition? I mean how many resumes have a portrait on them? Stand apart from the sea of black ink on white paper!

These same principles apply to business owners and executives. Having a warm and friendly portrait will help tear down the imaginary wall that exists among one another. A professional portrait is a very powerful communication medium.

Your business portrait can be traditional, modern or natural light/business casual. Luckily we provide all three styles!

During the month of January, we are offering a "Simple Studio Portrait for Professionals" Take advantage of our weekday "Simple Studio Portrait for Professionals" offer: $200 Regularly $220. Come to the studio where we will capture that one shot you need. Then, relax at the studio while we enhance your portrait and shortly after we will send you off with a disk containing all of your high resolution images. Act now and we will throw in a complimentary enhancement and teeth whitening service! Call today for your appointment! 626-588-2445 Offer expires January 31, 2013

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