Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year, New Business Portrait

2013 is among us people!  Time for new habits, new outlooks and reinvigorated business fervor!  I know I have been veraciously working on making changes and adjustments to my business for 2013.  Chances are that you are too.

One of the simplest yet most effective changes one can make, is to have a professional business portrait created.  It helps to build trust to prospective clients and it shows that you are serious about your business.  Not to mention, social media marketing is king in today's world.  Having a snapshot on your Linked in account from your vacation in Hawaii last summer is just not going to cut it with today's clients!

It's all about trust nowadays and what better way than to show prospective clients that you are not someone to be leery about?  Whether you are a real estate professional, attorney, independent contractor or freelance artist, you need a social media presence to survive in today’s business climate. Trouble is, in these days, every business has a social media account.  One way to make your online presence stand out from others is with a simple studio portrait.  Stop using those snapshots and show your potential clients that you mean business with a simple studio portrait.  They are simple and affordable and say so much about you and your business.

For those that don't have a business, 2013 may be a year that you want to get that promotion or that new job.  How better of way than to differentiate yourself from the competition?  Show everyone that you are serious about your skills and abilities!  Show them that you are available and are ready to tackle the job!

In January only, we are offering a "Simple Studio Portrait for Professionals"

Take advantage of our weekday "Simple Studio Portrait for Professionals" offer:  $200  Regularly $220.  Come to the studio where we will capture that one shot you need.  Then, relax at the studio while we enhance your portrait and shortly after we will send you off with a disk containing all of your high resolution images.

Act now and we will throw in a complimentary enhancement and teeth whitening service!  Call today for your appointment!  626-588-2445

Offer expires January 31, 2013

Some professions require a more traditional portrait background.  Not a problem!  We do those too!

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