Monday, April 30, 2012

Don Lee Cadillac in Pasadena

The beauty of living in Pasadena is wondering what kind of a past life does each beautiful old building have? Before Green Street was a one way street headed east, there lived a Cadillac dealer on the corner of El Molino and Green.

Don Lee Cadillac called it's home in this stunning Spanish/Moorish structure.  Based on this article:  Artifacts of the Playhouse District, Lee was the west coast man for Cadillac and made custom cars for the stars.

Take a look at the Don Lee Cadillac building in 1927:

Image from the Pasadena History Collaboration

In the present day, this building is serving as the home to Jacob Maarse Florists.

The building still maintains it's beauty.  Few things have changed.  Notice the missing finials from the roof line.  Two cypress trees were added to the front facade.  The level of the street appears to be higher as well.

As one gets closer to the building, you can see beautiful and colorful tile work above the main door.  Look even closer and we find an older version of the Cadillac emblem still beautifully cared for.  Please click here to view the evolution of the Cadillac emblem through the years:  Cadillac Heraldry

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Brad said...

I discovered your post while looking from the other photographic direction, so to speak: I saw an old Don Lee photo, looked up and found this particular building was in Pasadena... and then found your post with the modern day photo.

So glad to know it's still there, what an amazing piece of architecture. I believe I read in earlier Googling that it was built in 1914... but that may have been referring to a different dealership of his (seems he was all over California, with a large place in San Francisco).

Thanks again for taking the time to share!