Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Actress Extraordinaire Penelope Gil

Since my sister is not the type to toot her own horn, I will be the one who does it for her. Penelope Gil has been working hard on her short film Viva. She has just a few fishing touches left before it premiers.

Penelope has just finished a script on a short film we are working on together and is in the process of writing a yet another one!

On top of this she has auditions and other projects so she's a pretty busy woman!

Here is Penelope's latest head shot:

Friday, March 02, 2012

The Pasadena Bride Tour

We had an extreme blast hosting brides at our Pasadena Bride Tour this past Sunday!!  It was an extremely fun time and we want to do it over and over again!  PS & Associates Event Planning and myself hosted a tour for brides of 4 of Pasadena's unique wedding venues.

Brides arrived at the FotoNuova studio in San Marino to a host of small pastries and Tangerine Mimosas.  We mingled and chatted for a bit then loaded onto a shuttle and off to our first destination!

We toured the enormous Langham hotel.  Stopped at the Happy Trails Garden for a tour and lunch then visited the Pandora on Green as well as the Rococo Room.  At Pandora, we were treated to delicious desserts and great hospitality.