Friday, September 02, 2011

The Little Pasadena Fire House

Here's another unknown Pasadena landmark! It turns out that the buildings on Colorado and Sierra Madre have quite a historical significance as stated in our last post; Pasadena Egyptian Theatre.

Directly across from the Pasadena Egyptian Theatre was an old Pasadena Firehouse. Please take a look at the image below taken in 1948.

Photo courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

I've always wondered how the process of extreme change begins? Who was the one that sparked the process of changing a building's history? Who knows, it may have not been a spark at all? It could of been a slow progressive change?

I'm guessing that with the development of jumbo fire trucks, we needed new jumbo fire stations? By looking at our little firehouse here in person, there was simply no need for it any longer. It is far too small.

Here we are 63 years later and we have what one day will be a historical A&A Tire! At least someone found a use for this beauty.

Disclaimer: Taken with my little point and shoot this morning...

If you compare photos, you will see on today's image in the upper left corner, the sign "Floor Coverings" is still somewhat visible underneath the harsh white paint. The two beautiful Queen Palms are gone. Today we have the standard city street tree to the left now which grew considerably being that it was not in the 1948 image. I would love to take a tour inside this baby!!!

Until next time friends...Aaron

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I love these comparisons!! I encourage you to continue doing them!!

I recently had to research vintage photos for Pasadena. If you'd like, I could show you a few online collections you could check out!