Saturday, August 20, 2011

Point and Shoot Workshop - Small Cameras for BIG Personalities

So today was our Point and Shoot Workshop - Small Cameras for BIG Personalities. We learned how to upgrade our snapshots that we typically make on our little point and shoot cameras. We discussed tips on how to enhance portraits of our little ones. However, not only do the principals we discussed work great for kids, they work great for almost any other subject we photograph.

We buy these little cameras with the intention to carry them around everywhere we go. They capture memories and times in our life that we could never get back. We look back at these images and remember this time and are instantly brought back to what life was like then. In essence, these cameras are joy makers!

Today we learned to enhance that joy by making our pictures far more interesting and visually appealing!

I breezed through what was supposed to be a 3 hour class in about 2 hours. I apologize to today's students if I moved too quickly. Mainly it's due to bein extremely excitied to speak about something I am very passionate about.

Here is an image of today's students demonstrating on how to take an image in low light with your point and shoot without that blur or harsh flash!

If you are interested in learning new picture taking skills, please contact me!

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