Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Worth its Weight in Gold

A photographer tries extremely hard to capture beautiful and fleeting moments in time so that their clients may enjoy for years and generations to come. As a result of this, on top of our earnings we are lucky to be recognized with small thank you notes, cards, emails and gifts.

I've been extremely blessed in my profession to be the recepient of gifts and praise from clients.

The other day, I was the recepient of the most unique thank you that I have ever received. One so unique that it felt like God's finger was touching my heart directly. It was extremely touching and made me somewhat emotional. I took a moment to realize what my work on Earth was all about. I know, I know, sappy. This will be the last sappy post for the year. Maybe.

The note was from Marisa, my 8 year old First Holy Communion portrait client from this past Spring. For an 8 year old to take time from her busy day and hand write a note to me was so, so touching! On top of that, she created a pieced of art expressing her view of the day!

Thanks so much for making my day Marisa!...

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Ana Couto said...

She meant every word of it, Aaron. Thanks again!