Friday, December 23, 2011

A Delightful Christmas Light Tour

Eddie Levine of Prudential California Realty and Aaron Gil of FotoNuova Photography, hosted the first annual Pasadena Christmas Light Tour. Tour goers included approximately 80 local San Gabriel Valley residents. The evening began with a warm reception in the courtyard area of the FotoNuova studio.

During the opening reception, guests were served warm holiday beverages and Christmas cookies. Christmas Carolers in Dickens attire, provided a wonderful holiday ambiance and children had the opportunity to create their own ornaments provided by floral artist, Alison Franchi of Le Petit Gardenia. Guests were treated with a complimentary Christmas portraits with a Vintage Santa. Once the guests received their holiday portrait cards, the buses were loaded and the guided holiday light tour was underway. The guided holiday tour was provided by Kristin Stone from The Pasadena Tour Company.

The tour included visits to four of the most prominent and renowned holiday destinations in the Pasadena area. Places visited included the Bailian Mansion and Christmas Tree Lane.

Eddie and Aaron would like to make this a yearly holiday tradition and plan to invite their guests again in 2012.

A few portraits with Father Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Yip Family Portrait

We recently captured a series of formal portraits for the Yip family in the studio. This beautiful family is extremely close knit! It was a great pleasure to capture their affection for eachother.

Immediately after our studio session, we took a brief walk outside to capture this image.

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Friday, December 09, 2011

The Pasadena Christmas Light Tour!!

Please join us for The Pasadena Christmas Light Tour!

Take a complimentary portrait with Father Christmas! Listen to the wonderful sound of carolers singing! Enjoy scrumptious cookies and tasty beverages while the children make crafts

After, we will hop on a bus for a guided tour of Pasadena’s famous holiday landmark destinations!
Father Christmas is scheduled to be at the event from 4:30pm-5:30pm. Buses will leave promptly at 6pm
Sunday, December 18, 2011

FotoNuova Studio

936 Huntington Dr Suite E.

San Marino, CA 91108

Admission is Free & Limited Space Available!

RSVP required

Event Hosted by

Eddie Levine of Premier Realty Company

FotoNuova Photography Studio

Craft table and head wreaths for portraits will be hosted by Le Petit Gardenia

Monday, November 21, 2011

One Secret Tip to Enhancing Your Portraits!

We can all attest to witnessing some of the most uninteresting snapshots taken by our friends and loved ones. Most of the time, the camera operator turns on the camera, points it at the subject and clicks. Most of the time, they end up with a dull and uninteresting portrait.

Watch this video for 1 simple tip that will significantly enhance your snapshot portraits! It's a super simple tip and only about 1 minute long!

Please allow the video a short time to load. To watch it in High Definition, click here: Secret to Enhancing Your Portraits

Please forgive the lack of smooth delivery! I'll get better with time!

FotoNuova is a family portraits photographer providing services in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. For more information, please visit our website at: Family Portraits Photographer | FotoNuova or call 626-588-2445 

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In doing so you agree to indemnify, and it's directors, officers, employers and agents from and against all losses, claims, damages and liabilities that arise out of their use.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nancy and Dan!! - Wedding at the Marina!!

We were set to sea with this beautiful wedding. Nancy and Dan were married on a Fatasea yacht amongst the afternoon sun and birds.

These two are very hard working accountants but definitely know how to celebrate a joyous occassion! Friends and smiles were abundant this day!

Some of the partners that helped with this wedding were:
Venue: Fantasea Yachts & Yacht Club
Photography: FotoNuova
Videography: Kevyn Fong
DJ: Get in the Groove
Hotel: Jamaica Bay Inn

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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Fun Time at the Little Monsters Bash!

On Saturday we hosted our first Little Monsters Bash at the studio. The intention of the Little Monsters Bash was to have a safe place for children and families in the nearby communities to have fun this Halloween season. I will happily say that children and families were in abundance on that day! Honestly, the attendance far exceeded our expectations.

The interactive activities I hope were a great blast for children. Each child had a pumpkin to decorate. Cupcakes were available for children to create and fix to their personal taste! At the Arts & Crafts table children could jewel and personalize their own carrying bag. We had a talented story teller and magician! The line was very long for the balloon artist to fulfill childrens requests! And of course, the studio provided complimentary portraits for children.

There are a great multitude of people to thank for their help in making The Little Monsters Bash a great success! From family to friends. From vendors to associated business in the community that helped spread the word. The list is very, very long! Heck, even some attendees helped! Thank you all who helped make this event a fabulous success. Thank you all who atteneded our event. In a city that has an abundance of entertainment options, you selected ours. Thank you.

Event Planner: P.S. & Associates Event Planning
Cupcakes: Create ur Cupcake
Magician & Balloon Artist: Michael Paul's Entertainment
Story Teller: Judy McKiernan
Portraits: FotoNuova

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Studio Party Official Announcement!!

We are posting these posters all over the community! We have mailed out invitations to those on our mailing list! Please come join us!! RSVP today! 626-588-2445

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FotoNuova Intern - Audrey!

Introducing FotoNuova's newest addition to the studio, Audrey! Audrey is a studio intern and has been helping with a vast amount of projects! She's been a terrific help! She's really great to bounce ideas off of and has many creative ideas of her own!

Audrey teaches ballet full time and has past experience in the wedding industry. She's worked with our friends at La Soie Bridal!

I am really excited and honored to have her at the studio!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Save the Date!! - 1st Annual Little Monster Bash!

Please save the date for our 1st Annual Little Monster Bash at the FotoNuova studio! Guaranteed to be a really fabulous time for the little ones!!

Saturday, October 29th
2:00pm - 4:00pm

FotoNuova Studio
936 Huntington Drive Suite E
San Marino, CA 91108

More info to come!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Pasadena Furniture Company Building

Have you ever been to Café Bizou in Pasadena? It's a nice French restaurant with a pleasant setting in Old Town on the corner of Raymond and Holly. My favorite dish is the Rack of Lamb in a minted sauce. Those French folks sure know how to prepare a lamb!

Long before there was a Café Bizou on Raymond and Holly, there was the Pasadena Furniture Company. In perusing the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration's website;, I found an image of the Pasadena Furniture building from 1915

Courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

Today, it appears that the Pasadena Furniture Company has turned into commercial office space on the upper floors with Café Bizou occupying the bottom floor. Still a very beautiful and historical corner.

Taken this afternoon

But wait!!! This gets so much better! The one thing I absolutely love about history is that when looking back, one can be lead to so many different and previously unknown paths. It's kind of like making little discoveries for the first time. It's really thrilling actually! Anyhow, the corner building which faces us, is still part of the Café Bizou bar today. This building existed either on or before 1895!

Take a look at our corner building in this next image taken in 1895 - Courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

Look closely at the left window. It reads, "Embalming - Undertaking"!! Yes, this was once a mortuary! The Adams and Turner Mortuary to be exact! Founded by A.M. Adams. Apparently he and his family occupied the 2nd floor as living quarters.

Mr. Adams himself circa 1895 - Courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

How about an image of the interior of the Adams and Turner Mortuary in 1895? - Courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

What a great treasure these images are! So next time you are enjoying a drink at the Café bar, remember to pour a drink on the floor for the dead homies!

For those that are still interested, here is a link to an image of our two structures in 1990; Pasadena Furniture Company Right about the time when Old Town was starting it's Renaissance.

Till next time! Aaron

Pasadena Furniture Company, Adams and Turner Mortuary, Pasadena history

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beautiful City

Not so long ago, my assistant Audrey and I went out on a photo expedition of Downtown Los Angeles. With it's rich architecture and beautiful history, it's quite easy to be in love with Downtown.

When I was young, my Grandmother would take me and my family to the very opulent and historic theaters of Downtown LA to watch a movie. I remember looking up from the sidewalk and always being in awe of the mass detail incorporated into each building.

Throughout the years, I've always reacquainted myself with the richness of these buildings. It's been a long love affair. I know that there are now some special things going on in Downtown. I hope these buildings start to get some much needed recognition.

Anyhow the focus of our expedition was not so much architecture. Just beauty.

Friday, September 09, 2011

A Memorable Maternity Album

Featured below is a recent maternity album created for our clients Eddie and Veronica. They are awaiting their first born baby girl sometime this month!!

They selected a beautiful matted album to display their maternity session images. This will definitely be around for baby Andrea to enjoy for many years to come!!

Selecting this stunning matted album is a wonderful way to display your memories!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Sofa Family Session - Goncalves Family

Our last Sofa Family session of the season was for the beautiful Goncalves family.

They decided to come in formal dress which added so much beauty to this portrait. The formality of their attire along with the regalness of this historical sofa and a hint of a natural setting just turned out beautifully! So much so that I've added a nice size canvas of our first image in the studio!!


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Friday, September 02, 2011

The Little Pasadena Fire House

Here's another unknown Pasadena landmark! It turns out that the buildings on Colorado and Sierra Madre have quite a historical significance as stated in our last post; Pasadena Egyptian Theatre.

Directly across from the Pasadena Egyptian Theatre was an old Pasadena Firehouse. Please take a look at the image below taken in 1948.

Photo courtesy of Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

I've always wondered how the process of extreme change begins? Who was the one that sparked the process of changing a building's history? Who knows, it may have not been a spark at all? It could of been a slow progressive change?

I'm guessing that with the development of jumbo fire trucks, we needed new jumbo fire stations? By looking at our little firehouse here in person, there was simply no need for it any longer. It is far too small.

Here we are 63 years later and we have what one day will be a historical A&A Tire! At least someone found a use for this beauty.

Disclaimer: Taken with my little point and shoot this morning...

If you compare photos, you will see on today's image in the upper left corner, the sign "Floor Coverings" is still somewhat visible underneath the harsh white paint. The two beautiful Queen Palms are gone. Today we have the standard city street tree to the left now which grew considerably being that it was not in the 1948 image. I would love to take a tour inside this baby!!!

Until next time friends...Aaron

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pasadena Bookkeeper - Galindo Professional Bookkeeping Services!!

I wanted to give a shout out to my bookkeeper Gabriel Galindo of Galindo Professional Bookkeeping Services.

Gabe has helped me transform my company by managing my monthly financials. I've been in business for almost 10 years and have kept records in my own unofficial and untrained manner. Gabe has come in and transformed my bookkeeping and has given me a better vision for my company!!

If you are a small business owner and need your financials in order so that you can focus on what you do best, please contact Gabriel!!; 888-677-1447

In fact, Gabriel is offering a limited time special. He's offering a Quickbooks install which includes set up of your Chart of Accounts and Bank accounts for only $99! This is for local small businesses only.

Don't let your business continue another day without keeping track of your financials! Call today! 888-677-1447

Gabriel of Galindo Professional Bookkeeping Services

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pasadena's Egyptian Theatre

Looking at a catalog of historical photos is an extreme passion of mine! Especially ones that pertain to local Southern California history. There's nothing like identifying a local monument in a historical database of photographs.

The Pasadena Digital History Collaboration is an awesome resource for historical photographs that pertain to Pasadena. One can spend a lot of time going through the images and identifying which structures they recognize today. Pasadena is extremely rich in history!

The other night, while searching the database, I found this beauty:

Photo of Warner's Egyptian Theatre courtesy of Huntington Library

I had a feeling that I recognized that brick and tile pattern on the facade. But the original structure of this theatre is far too beautiful to forget so I questioned myself. I google mapped the address located on the image and sure enough it was about a 2 block distance from me.

Here is an image of her now taken via mobile phone:

A drastic change wouldn't you say? From Vaudeville and early film glory to a retail shopping center. From a creatively imagined piece of architecture with a ton of character and attention to detail to a forced vanilla box. She's passed by thousands of unassuming motorists everyday on Colorado Blvd with her pride deprived. She once was a head turner and now she's left on the curb.

There is light to this story though. The theatre is still intact behind this building. From what I understand, it's a shell of itself inside but still contains many beautiful architectural elements from her original glory. The next time you are passing the intersection of Colorado Blvd and Sierra Madre, please take a moment to see if you recognize her from the images. She's on the South/West side of the intersection.

Here's to a long and better future beautiful theatre!!

Pasadena History, Pasadena Historical Photos

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Point and Shoot Workshop - Small Cameras for BIG Personalities

So today was our Point and Shoot Workshop - Small Cameras for BIG Personalities. We learned how to upgrade our snapshots that we typically make on our little point and shoot cameras. We discussed tips on how to enhance portraits of our little ones. However, not only do the principals we discussed work great for kids, they work great for almost any other subject we photograph.

We buy these little cameras with the intention to carry them around everywhere we go. They capture memories and times in our life that we could never get back. We look back at these images and remember this time and are instantly brought back to what life was like then. In essence, these cameras are joy makers!

Today we learned to enhance that joy by making our pictures far more interesting and visually appealing!

I breezed through what was supposed to be a 3 hour class in about 2 hours. I apologize to today's students if I moved too quickly. Mainly it's due to bein extremely excitied to speak about something I am very passionate about.

Here is an image of today's students demonstrating on how to take an image in low light with your point and shoot without that blur or harsh flash!

If you are interested in learning new picture taking skills, please contact me!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Create Long Lasting Memories!

Hi Folks!

There is still room left for this! Learn how to maximize your picture taking with your point and shoot! Create long lasting memories of your children that will endure many years! Please call 626-588-2445 to reserve your spot for this coming Saturday, 8/20!

We will be exploring and learning just a few simple picture taking principals that will enhance your images considerably! Some tips you will learn will be:

How to best compose photographs of your kids to make them far more interesting!
What kind of light to avoid when photographing your children or family
The most user friendly software to enhance your photos and remove the dull image quality that digital cameras produce
Where to have high quality prints made to preserve your precious memories
And more..
Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 10am - 1pm

Location: FotoNuova Studio - 936 Huntington Dr | Suite E | San Marino, CA | 91108

Cost: $0 - Yes, that's right! Zero dollars!

RSVP Info: Call 626-588-2445 or Email with your Name, Contact Number and Email

This learning opportunity is limited to the first 10 people to reserve so RSVP early!! All parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and interested persons welcome!!

Call today to reserve your space!

Till next time my beloved friends...


Monday, August 15, 2011

Old California Wedding at the Mission

Our beautiful couple in this wedding story, created an aura of Old California for their wedding. The ceremony was held at the scenic and historic Old San Gabriel Mission. What a fantastic place to shoot a wedding and create long lasting memories. To think, who may have graced the aisles of the Mission in the last 200 years?

The reception was hosted at Marvimon. What a fusion of old traditions and modern touches! The whole wedding absolutely fit perfect for Annette and Damien's personalities! A magnificent engagement!

Ceremony - San Gabriel Mission
Reception - Marvimon
Wedding Planners - Event Professionals
Photography - FotoNuova
Caterer - Event Professionals
Dress - Vera WangShoes - Badgley Mischka
Cake - Cake Sensations
Tuxedo - Burberry
Valet - Jeffrey Valet

Old California Wedding, San Gabriel Mission Wedding, Marvimon Wedding