Saturday, January 09, 2010

San Marino Photography Studio - Le Studio

Last month I was very blessed with the possesion of a great space. It's the perfect little space for where the business is heading at this moment in time. It's a very exciting time.

Our soon to be studio is located in San Marino. It's in an atiquated Spanish style building on Huntington Drive. What's kind of wierd is that I've passed by this building nearly my whole life and never noticed it till recent years. Isn't life funny that way? You sometimes end up working in a building or living in a home that you passed by for years?

It's a very raw space at the moment, but with the help of a very talented designer, Camille Cothron, this place will look polished in no time! We are making good progress with updating the flooring and electrical. Next is paint and furniture installation.

The space will serve as a photo studio, client lounge and working office. I will try to keep you updated with recent progress.

Here is the space on the first day of possession....

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