Monday, July 20, 2009


ROMA - What a fun personal project! This one was brewing in the mind for quite some time. I was triggered to go out and create a historical inspired shoot. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time.

Teamed with Julia our model, Susie our costume designer and Christina our make up artist, we were able to create this Greco-Roman inspired feel. I must also thank my friend Ana for aiding me with fabric selection.

Please do not click the following link if you are offended by nudity or under 18

Dining with CC at the Studio

My wife and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday. As usual tradition dictates, we enjoy our yearly trip to the Langham Pasadena for dinner with Chef Craig Strong. The thing is, Chef Craig is no longer at the Langham.

CC as I like to call him, (never to his face, only with my wife), has just moved to The Studio at the Montage in Laguna. We made reservations and made our trek to the OC. We were a bit concerned that we would not be able to do our normal Blind Tasting and Wine.

Fortunately CC was able to accomodate our yearning for the blind tasting. It's off the menu so if you decide to go, make sure to ask for the Blind Tasting and Wine. My words can do it no justice to describe. It's always been off the hook. I tend to think Chef Craig loves to do this for his guests. He is a supreme creative!

I'm going to miss him being at the Langham but I suppose change can be good for the soul. There are some additional perks at The Studio such as the view. It simply can not be beat. It's also nice to stroll along the path leading to the beach.

If you get the opportunity and have a passion for food, please make the trip.

Corporate Headshot Photographer - Alexa Coaching

Here are a few business headshots shot recently of Philipp Lomboy.

Philipp is the propietor of a Small Business Coaching company Alexa Coaching Group

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Viviana & Rodrigo - The Images

As mentioned below, here are the images from Viviana and Rodrigo's wedding in Las Vegas.