Friday, February 20, 2009

Carol & John Wedding

Carol and John were wedded on Valentine's day at Emmanuel Church. Two very blessed people with a really beautiful family.

I have personally known Carol for many years and am very, very happy for her. She has found her soulmate in John. John is really friendly and always has a smile from edge to edge.

Congratulations to you both. Live long and prosper.....

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Legion of Honor

My wife and I took our annual trip to the Foggy City to celebrate our birthdays. We stayed at the Inn Above the Tide once again.

This time we planned a visit to the Legion of Honor. I loved it. It was a perfect day museum with a nice collection of European art from the early ages to early modern. There were these original Roccoco wall panels from actual French Estates. They were reconstructed inside the museum to recreate an actual room.

We had really, really good Tapas at Zarzuela. Highly recommended. The rest of the time we spent at The Ferry Building Marketplace. We raced back home as we missed the kids.

All images taken with the little Canon SD880 IS

This was my absolute favorite piece at the Legion of Honor. Not because her mammary glands are hanging out. I love her expression. This photo does not do the piece any justice. Seeing it in person was really touching. I bet the sculptor loved his final creation. I definitely do.
The Roccoco Room
Complete with mottled mirrors

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