Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rucksters Calendar

Have you heard of a Honda Ruckus? Neither had I until this project came along. The Ruckus is a line of scooters made by Honda.

A couple of friends that I have known for many years, Tony and Hai, have just opened a Honda Ruckus custom shop; Rucksters. Think American Choppers but for scooters. They can take a stock bike and turn it into something completely amazing!

They asked if I would be interested in photographing their 2009 Calendar. I would have been very crazy to say no. This was the most ambitious project I have worked on. Very fun and extremely challenging for me on the techinical aspect! Every shoot was on the fly so there was no planning for ideal light. It was very hard to get out of the wedding/portrait light mode and go against all that I know and love. At the same time, it was very liberating to try something different.

Here are only a few images....

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