Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Little Camera that Could

I've been very perplexed over the fact that I have not been properly capturing moments during the lives of my children. Often times I am inspired by a moment and my camera is nowhere near me to capture it. Time is moving fast I am sad to say and I have just a handful of photos of my kids to document their growth.

It's pretty cumbersome to carry this big ol SLR camera everywhere you go. The things are clunky, heavy, get in the way and hard to store when you sit down and eat at a public place. So, for Christmas, I asked my wife to get me a new pocket camera that I could carry with me at all times. I picked out the Canon SD880 IS. Let me tell you, I absolutely love it!!!

The camera packs a little punch! It's super easy to carry around everywhere I go! I've been shooting the kids more often and have also been documenting life around me. Although there are no manual settings, I love to place it on Program mode and see what I get! The black and white setting is ok. I think I prefer my black and whites after capture but it looks good in some situations.

I take it everywhere I go and hope to post more often with images from this thing.

Here's what she looks like

Here are some images taken with the Canon SD880 IS...

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