Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pamper Me Fabulous

From the two great girls at Fresh Events Company, Amanda Ma and Ada Chan.

Pamper Me Fabulous and Fabulous Female Awards

Pamper Me Fabulous brings together all of the things you and your girlfriends love, but never have time to enjoy. You can all take a break from the stresses of life to luxuriate in mini beauty services from the best Los Angeles spas and salons, shop for beauty products and designer clothes, taste gourmet sweets and eats and score a Hollywood-style swag bag all under one swanky roof in the heart of LA.

In addition to the day of much-needed rest and relaxation, Pamper Me Fabulous is hosting the first annual Fabulous Female awards. These awards recognize exceptional Los Angeles women who exemplify excellence, inspire others and are passionately committed to making a difference within the businesses and communities they serve. Nominate a fabulous female who has touched your life, and she could be honored at the Pamper Me Fabulous March 7 event.

Grab your best girlfriends and your favorite strappy sandals (or those adorable flats you've been meaning to wear) and mark March 7 as a "girls' day out." You deserve to pamper yourself!


LOCATION: Vibiana, 210 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Website: http://www.pampermefabulous.com/

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Little Camera that Could

I've been very perplexed over the fact that I have not been properly capturing moments during the lives of my children. Often times I am inspired by a moment and my camera is nowhere near me to capture it. Time is moving fast I am sad to say and I have just a handful of photos of my kids to document their growth.

It's pretty cumbersome to carry this big ol SLR camera everywhere you go. The things are clunky, heavy, get in the way and hard to store when you sit down and eat at a public place. So, for Christmas, I asked my wife to get me a new pocket camera that I could carry with me at all times. I picked out the Canon SD880 IS. Let me tell you, I absolutely love it!!!

The camera packs a little punch! It's super easy to carry around everywhere I go! I've been shooting the kids more often and have also been documenting life around me. Although there are no manual settings, I love to place it on Program mode and see what I get! The black and white setting is ok. I think I prefer my black and whites after capture but it looks good in some situations.

I take it everywhere I go and hope to post more often with images from this thing.

Here's what she looks like

Here are some images taken with the Canon SD880 IS...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honda Ruckus

Just to follow up on my post below...I would like to post this fantastic video made by Fathphos x Minkus, two of the infamous Ruckster riders.

I think this video is a great reflection of the burgeounig Ruckus phenomenon...

Bowls-LAxSGVxTokyo-Parts Ride 11-8-08 from FATPHOS x MINKUS on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Rucksters Calendar

Have you heard of a Honda Ruckus? Neither had I until this project came along. The Ruckus is a line of scooters made by Honda.

A couple of friends that I have known for many years, Tony and Hai, have just opened a Honda Ruckus custom shop; Rucksters. Think American Choppers but for scooters. They can take a stock bike and turn it into something completely amazing!

They asked if I would be interested in photographing their 2009 Calendar. I would have been very crazy to say no. This was the most ambitious project I have worked on. Very fun and extremely challenging for me on the techinical aspect! Every shoot was on the fly so there was no planning for ideal light. It was very hard to get out of the wedding/portrait light mode and go against all that I know and love. At the same time, it was very liberating to try something different.

Here are only a few images....

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