Friday, June 20, 2008

Nevarez Winery

Mr Juan Nevarez was introduced to the wine industry many years ago when he first immigrated to America. It was his dream to one day own his own vineyard and produce wine.

He started from the bottom and had a tough start as a laborer in the vineyards of Central California. He tells a story about how he was conquered by a tractor and got into trouble in his first experience handling or misshandling one.

Over the years, Mr Nevarez learned the science of growing grapes. He started his own consulting and wine growing labor business. Eventually, he decided to purchase his own land for his eventual vineyard in Paso Robles. Each night after work, he would plant seedlings alone on his land. He planted many on his own!

He has since produced his own wine. We had the opportunity to photograph the Nevarez Winery in Paso Robles for their website in progress

Mr Nevarez is truly an inspiration! Recall the tractor that conquered him? Well he has now conquered it, purchased it and displays it to keep as a reminder of where he began. You can see part of the beast in the second photo.

Go out and have a bottle of Nevarez Wine! It's great! The Nevarez tasting room should be ready in 2009! Enjoy!

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