Monday, July 23, 2007

Tony & Lily Wedding Slideshow

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend was great!

Here is an extensive look at Tony & Lily's wedding. Please click on the photo for the slideshow.

Run time is 7 min 19 sec.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ashley & Tony Wedding Film

This film was made by a succession of photos taken and stitched together. It's very rudimentary but I love the feel of it.

I was fortunate to get plenty of time alone with Ashley & Tony. It allowed for a little photographic experimentation. I would like to fine tune this process and offer this service for 2008 couples.

Please turn up your speaker volume before you start. I hope you enjoy it...

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tony & Lily Wedding

I had the very distinct pleasure of photographing Tony & Lily's wedding. I have personally known Tony since 1994. Over the years, Tony has developed into this amazing and confident entrepeneur. His wife Lily, is a beautiful and very kind person. She cooks really well too.

I was very honored that we were selected to photograph their wedding. Happiness emitted from them throughout the entire day.

The reception was held and the very grand and opulent San Gabriel Hilton . The decor and flowers were provided by Julie Linh. She made the place look really great.

The music and lighting was provided by DJ Jackie Lau I will say that Jackie did an amazing job with both the music and lighting. The spotlights provided for some very dramtic photographs.

My friend Krissy Davis photographed with me for the day.

A couple of examples of photographs taken with the spotlights provided by Jackie...