Monday, January 08, 2007

On this Earth

My younger sister onced asked me, "Which photographer is your greatest influence?". At the time, I could not reply with a name as I did not have one. I mean, I really do admire many individual photographs or pieces from many different photographers. Sometimes I can stare and greatly admire a photograph my wife has taken. She is not a professional photographer.

Last year, while reviewing a photo magazine, I found the work of Nick Brandt. His work on African wildlife really blows me away! It certainly has changed my view on wildlife photography.
At any rate, this past Christmas, my brother purchased his book for me On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa . I highly recommend for anyone to flip through this book on your next visit to the bookstore. It's definitely enjoyable.

Taken from "On This Earth" by Nick Brandt

Thanks! FotoNuova

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